Gender Sensitisation Programmes Before the establishment of GSCASH were organised by the Gender Studies Forum: sample of certificate of participation

Pamphlet of Student Representatives in GSCASH welcoming freshers

Pamphlet advertising the proposed survey on sexual harassment and awareness of GSCASH rule and procedures in 2008

Pamphlet advertising GSCASH Seminar on Sexual Harassment in 2009

GSCASH Flyer for distribution in the JNU community, familiarising the student body and others with provisions in the university for safety and redressal of grievances

Poster by Student Repreentatives of GSCASH of 26.3.2013 calling for a safe and gender sensitive celebration of Holi

GSCASH invitation to exhibition entitled MAPPIG GENDER in 2013

GSCASH student representatives' call for student volunteers

Poster of the Campaign for Gender Justice and democratic Rights

GSCASH poster advertising meeting with new students

GSCASH poster advertising film screening and discussion with Mast Bol

Quotations from petition of Faculty members and statement of JNUSU as the basis for a referendum on the propriety of a faculty member being investigated for sexual harassment being appointed to important administrative positions 2014

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GSCASH Parchas