December 08, 1999

Annual Report of GSCASH

The first Annual Report published by GSCASH

December 08, 2002

Three years of GSCASH - An Appraisal

GSCASH the first three years as reviewed in 2002; listing cases that came before it, activities in which it engaged, and general awareness building on the JNU campus

July 15, 2004

GSCASH program

An example of the Gender Sensitization activities organised by GSCASH : two day workshop which familiarises the JNU community with the meaning of sexual harassment, rules and procedures by which survivors may seek help or redressal of their complaints. Annotated draft of the Sexual Harassment of women at the Workplace (prevention and redressal) Bill, 2004. 22 pages.

September 30, 2004


Second Newsletter of GSCASH 2004: reporting on the August 2004 workshop. 4 Pages

GSCASH response

GSCASH's detailed perusal of, and suggestions for, the proposed legislation to deter sexual harassment at the workplace. 6 pages

November 28, 2006

Annual Report 2005-06

GSCASH annual report for 2005-06 which records activities under three heads: gender sensitisation on the campus, dialogues with administration and JNU community, and complaint screening interventions and formal enquiries. It also lists the challenges and goals for the future. 23 pages

February 24, 2008

Meeting Call

Call for a meeting of hostel presidents to discuss gender sensitivity during hostel nights. I page

List of GSCASH activities 2010-12

Activities of GSCASH pertaining to gender sensitisation on campus through posters, meetings, plays, poetry reading, marches, seminars over a two year period when JNUSU was elections had been stalled. 4 pages

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